On Saturday 11th August 2018, Glenfield Rotary joined BP 2go Motor Centre (50 Northcote Rd), North Harbour Community Patrol and the North Shore, Rodney & West Auckland Police to promote the crime prevention programme "Safer Plates".

To prevent number plates from being used in criminal activity, we offered motorists the opportunity to have their number plate screws changed to security screws for a donation of $1 per stainless steel screw used - $4.00 per car. It took only a couple of minutes to have them fitted.



Number plates are stolen for the sole purpose of criminal activity. The stolen plates are used on vehicles for petrol drive-offs, driving through toll roads, drug crime, burglary and other thefts. It doesn't matter what sort of car or the type of number plate (personalised or standard) you have; just how easy and fast it is to take the number plate. Sometimes you do not even know that your plates have been taken until you have been contacted by Police when your stolen plate has been used for a crime. 

‘Safer plates’ is a unique, anti-theft, plate fixing system that is easily fitted to a vehicle without the need for special tools or equipment. This system is designed to replace existing number plate screws with inexpensive but effective tamper-resistant number plate fixing screws. 

It was a privilege to work side by side with the North Shore, Rodney & West Auckland Police and North Harbour Community Patrol to help make the community a safer place. 

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