Big congrats to the Glenfield Community Centre  for organising the first Glenfield Repair Café, especially to our very own Club Secretary - NIGEL GREEN. Glenfield Rotary Club is proud to have sponsored and helped with volunteers in such a successful community event.

Repair Café is a free community event and it’s all about repairing things (together). It is not a “drop and go” event, but a “stay and learn”. You bring your broken items from home and, together with expert volunteers, you start making the repairs or learning how to do it.

From small electrical appliances, furniture and clothing to bike repairs, we had the opportunity to help repair a few items or to give advice.

With the amount of stuff we throw away, without even try to fix it, these initiatives are important to contribute to a more sustainable community. Sometimes they are just things with almost nothing wrong, and which could still be used for longer after a simple repair.

Repair Café is trying to inspire people to learn how to make the repairs themselves, which is a lost skill. By getting experts from the community involved, valuable knowledge is getting passed on.

Thank you to all the experts in our community and all our club members who have volunteered their time.


For more photos, visit our Repair Cafe Album.